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Desmond A. Ramey


Desmond A. Ramey was born and raised in Bakersfield, CA. At a young age, Desmond joined dance starting with hip hop, jazz, and tap. Soon after, he became apart of the competition team winning first place National title at age 6 in Las Vegas, NV. Desmond's winning streek began to grow even more while attending other comptetions such as Starbound, Broadway Bound, Showstoppers, I Love Dance, and many other local competitions. Growing up in the arts, Desmond also took apart of his school bands, choir, honor band/chorus, and steel drum band. He also took part in school clubs such as B.S.U., Academy C.E.O., and Link Crew. Desmond's passion for dance grew even more. While in high school, he performed in pep rallies, half time shows for football games, and even helped and performed in the annual dance recital  for the dance art program .During his graduating years of Bakersfield High School he was casted as the lead dance roll for the play, in Los Angelas. After graduating, Ramey began to put more focus into teaching and coaching. He soon, and is now, the head coach of Rosedale Middle Schoo and Liberty High school cheer teams who are currently California state champions. He is also aprt of the cheer and dance company of Jamz as a head instructor. Within the last year, Desmond's passion for teaching lead to the opening of Legacy Dance Factory. It has always been his dream to open a dance studio. Being able to pass down his, and his sister's legacy to as many people as possible is a life goal of his. After a more than successfull first year open, Desmond is very excited to take on even more and has planned many more years invested with Legacy.